About Me


Hello and welcome! My name is Val, and I’m a photographer and programmer. I also work as a lecturer at a university, but I enjoy exploring the world and working on my hobbies.

I was born in Germany and have always been fascinated by its diverse landscapes and unique culture. I’ve recently settled in Göttingen, a picturesque town that’s full of history and charm. It’s also the main subject of my photography, and I enjoy capturing its beauty through my lens.

Aside from photography, coding is another passion of mine. I love the feeling of solving complex problems and creating new things with code. It’s a never-ending learning process, but I find it both challenging and rewarding.

The purpose of this website is to share my experiences, thoughts, and of course, my photos with you. It’s a space for me to showcase my work and share my personal life with those who are interested. I hope that through this website, I can connect with others who share similar interests and create a community around photography, coding, and exploring the world.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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