Advice from KonMari

I was just relaxing on my day off when I stumbled upon an old book that I bought a few years ago while passing by an imported bookstore. It was a comic book written by Marie Kondo, or “KonMari” as she likes to be called. I don’t really know her personally, but that’s what she prefers to be called.

The comic book from that old book is about cleaning up, it’s packed with useful information but also light and enjoyable to read. Personally, I recommend it!

Okay, so after a few years, I decided to read the comic book again just for fun. I found myself smiling at certain parts and realized that many of the techniques are still relevant and useful to this day.

And then…!

Sound effect: #BANG!

“then choked and pierced by an arrow.”

Ah, this shouldn’t be anything new, right? I read it when I first bought it a few years ago. But still, but still, but still… Ah, never mind.

But it can’t be denied that what was said really hit home for me this year. When I was younger, I probably wouldn’t have understood it, so there’s no need to ask about that (haha).

Anyway, reading that panel again, it’s kind of funny how the same thing can have different relevance at different times.


Nowadays, for example, I can say that I am no longer fixated on the past. There are things that bring me joy, and things that have been traumatic taught me valuable lessons. But does that mean I can confidently step into the future without knowing what it holds? Well, after thinking about it again, considering those two things to be the same and equivalent doesn’t seem quite right.

On one hand, maybe I’ve only made it halfway.

Because if we go back to the previous statement, being ‘unattached to the past’ and ‘unafraid to face the future’ are two separate things, right? And just because you’re done with one thing doesn’t automatically mean you’re done with the others.

Halfway there.

So what about the other half?

Well, let’s take one step at a time for now. Then another step. As for the rest, I’ll leave it up to the reader’s imagination.

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