How Homemade Cakes Thrive in Göttingen’s Cafes

Hey there, are you a fan of homemade birthday cakes? Do you believe that cheesecake has the power to bring joy? Well, we sure do! Because let’s face it, cake is not just food – it’s a feeling. We all have warm and fuzzy childhood memories of whipped cream, vegan baking, or creating a delicious cake from scratch with love and fresh fruits. And of course, we all love indulging in a slice of our favorite cake, paired with a cup of tea or coffee, and shared with good company. If you’re in Göttingen, you’re in luck because there’s still some places where they bake cakes themselves!

Cron & Lanz: The Sachertorte among Göttingen’s cafes.

The coffeehouse on Weender Straße is a must-visit, kinda like the Sachertorte among Göttingen’s cafes. It’s got this cool vibe that blends the charm of the late 1800s with the opulence of the post-war era and the artistry of modern-day pastry-making. They’ve got an amazing selection of cakes and other sweet treats, making it a classic choice for our list of top cake spots. Upstairs, you can find a cozy spot for a coffee date with your besties, or impress your folks with some “real” Göttingen vibes if they’re in town visiting. And if you just need to unwind with some me-time, treat yourself to a slice of Baumkuchen and a fancy tea – this is the spot!

The ultimate cake spot among Göttingen's cafes: Cron & Lanz on Weender Street, home of the famous Sachertorte!

Café Cortés: Charm of 1960s Paris.

At Café Cortés, you wouldn’t even bat an eye if you suddenly spotted the French singer Barbara composing her famous “Göttingen” song at the next table – this café on Kurzen-Geismar-Street exudes a distinct charm of 1960s Paris. And just as in France, where life is meant to be savored as a complete experience, you’ll feel right at home if you believe that good coffee is the perfect complement to great cake. Speaking of which, their selection of cakes features plenty of fruity treats that focus on natural flavors over sugary sweeteners – don’t miss out on their amazing Cherry Crisp Cake! Plus, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend (or yourself), their Macarons are sure to make you happy.

Café Cortés on Kurzen-Geismar-Straße exudes the charm of 1960s Paris.

Birds: Plush, Conversations, and Precious Cakes.

Don’t you think that Café Birds is the spiritual center of Niki-Kiez? Birds café was founded by Sophie in 2015. It’s a place where good conversations meet plush furniture, where you can sink into a cloud of comfort and enjoy homemade precious cakes made with love. Surrounded by carefully curated accessories and charming decorative pieces, you can savor the Nikolaistraße vibes while indulging in a slice of vegan banana bread and a delicious hot drink. And if you can’t find a table, no worries – just ask for a tray and find a spot on the steps near the edge of the Nikolaikirche; it’s almost as cozy there, and you’ll be even closer to the heart of young Göttingen.

Owner Sophie (center) with guests. Whether you're looking for vegan banana bread or delicious homemade cake treasures, Sophie's Birds is the place to be!

Café Inti: Göttingen’s diversity on one menu.

At the point where Burgstraße flows into Wilhelmsplatz, you’ll find the bio-certified Café Inti. If you want to experience all of Göttingen’s diversity at once, this is the place to be. Directly across the street lies the sometimes wild ‘Willi’, along Friedrichsstraße the Ostviertel district leads towards the pedestrian zone, and both the University Presidency and the Göttinger Coworking Center ‘StartRaum’ are just one street crossing away.

The long counter in front of the large window front is almost legendary among Göttingen’s digital natives. It allows you to work and watch the hustle and bustle of the street at the same time. The low seating area has also achieved cult status, as it often attracts a few “running meters” whose parents treat themselves to a snack after a visit to the nearby “Chelti” park.

They all appreciate the spacious café not only for its location but especially for its delicious, daily fresh and homemade cake selection. Our tip: the raspberry cookie cake – perfect for enjoying a round of “seeing and being seen”.

Göttingen's full diversity all in one place: Café Inti.

Café Hemer: A Little Chat in Göttingen’s Hippest Neighborhood

Göttingen’s Südstadt is one of our hippest neighborhoods, and that includes Hemer’s wood-fired bakery with its café and idyllic garden next to the quietly flowing Mühlengraben. A true insider tip, whether you’re taking a detour from the city center or looking for a little refreshment after a walk along the Leine river – you’ll be in good hands on Böttingerstraße. Located in the heart of the city yet peacefully situated, it’s a great place to chat under the shade of tall trees while enjoying a delicious piece of cake. Grab a freshly baked bread from the wood-fired oven to take home, and you’ll leave with the anticipation of your next indulgence.

The café is located in a protected historic power station building next to the Mühlengraben.
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