Promises of an Extraordinary World


I stood by the window, watching the sun slowly set. As the day drew to a close, memories of you filled my mind. Memories of the past that once surrounded me, memories that have now faded away.

The sky was painted with hues of orange and pink, a beautiful sight that would have taken my breath away if I wasn’t lost in my thoughts. In the sky, a rainbow arched, and a promise was made. A promise that was meant to be forever, but now it was broken, like our love.

I remember the pain that came with the realization that things were never going to be the same between us. The promises we made, the love we shared, all of it gone in a blink of an eye. All I could do was watch as you walked away, leaving me in a vacuum of my heart.

I search for you, my heart always beating for you. I walk the streets, looking for a trace of you, hoping to see you again. The hope of rekindling our love, of mending our broken promises still lingers within me.

But as I wait, reality sets in. The world keeps moving, and time continues to pass. I must learn to move on, to live in an ordinary world, even if my heart yearns for you.

As I take my first step into the unknown, I know that I must learn to survive. I must face the pain, the sorrow, and the grief. But I will not let it consume me. I will be strong, and I will move forward, even if it’s painful.

Every day, I take a step towards healing, a step towards a new beginning. And as I do, I realize that every world is my world. I am no longer defined by my past, by my pain. I am defined by my strength and my resilience.

And so, I continue to walk, to search, to wait. I do it all for you, for our love that once was. And if fate allows, I hope to find you again, to make good on the promise we made, to be together in an extraordinary world.

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