VALSHE – Lie To You


The lyrics of this song paint a picture of heartbreak and loss, as the singer grapples with the end of a relationship. The questions she asks herself are poignant and relatable – how long can things stay the way she is? Can she keep up the charade of ignoring her feelings, or will everything eventually fall apart? The singer’s loneliness is palpable, as she imagines a world without her former love.

In the midst of all this sadness, the singer admits to telling a lie – a single lie to her former partner. This admission is a reminder that even when things seem at their bleakest, we can still find small ways to deceive ourselves and others. The lyrics also touch on the idea that facing our own sadness and pain can be a fruitless endeavor – it won’t bring anyone back, and it may not even bring us any closure.

Despite all the heartbreak, the singer finds a way to keep going. She talks about putting on a brave face, even when she feels like she’s falling apart inside. She also reflects on the fact that sometimes, it can be easier to pretend that everything is okay than to face the reality of our emotions. The singer’s final words to her former partner are bittersweet – she says that she’ll be okay on her own, even though it’s clear that she’s still hurting deeply.

Overall, this song is a beautiful and emotional reflection on the pain of heartbreak, and the ways we try to cope with it. It’s a reminder that even when things seem impossible, we can find a way to keep moving forward.

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